Soul Healing

I get asked a lot what a soul healing package is, so I have made this page to answer all your questions.

Depending on what your soul needs at that point in time, I will use a combination of the following tools:

Antique Tibetan singing bowls

Tuning forks

Crystals Healing

Reiki healing


Past life trauma removal

Inner Child work

Essential Oils

and many more

Soul Healing is a committed process, but usually produces quite profound effects. The main purpose of the practise is not only to heal disease, but also to promote a positive mind and healthy body so that people can experience joy in life. Soul Healing Treatments can be performed over the phone and skype/facetime.

However, Soul Healing does not promise a miraculous cure from disease. Conditions that have taken years to manifest in the physical body cannot be cured in a few sessions. The person has to want to be well and will probably also need to make some lifestyle changes so that the source of stress and negative emotion (dis-ease) does not recur.

What are the benefits of having a Soul Healing Treatment?

Unlike many modern day remedies, soul healing works directly on restoring the balance on all levels and works directly on the problem and condition instead of just masking or relieving symptoms. Some of the benefits are as follows:

Dissolves energy blocks and promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit;

Increases energy levels;

Creates deep relaxation and helps the body release stress and tension;

Clears the mind and improves focus;

Accelerates the body’s self-healing ability;

Aids better sleep;

Reduces blood pressure;

Helps relieve pain;

Assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins;

Supports the immune system;

Helps spiritual growth and emotional cleansing;

Promotes creativity; and

Compliments medical treatment.

The great thing about Soul Healing is that one does not have to be ill to experience the benefits.

Unlike many modern day remedies works directly on restoring the balance on all levels and works directly on the problem and condition instead of just masking or relieving symptoms.

Conditions Soul Healing can help with

It can be a great benefit to many conditions by helping you deal with the pain, release emotions attached to the symptom and assist in healing the aliment. Some of the many conditions can help treat are as follows:



Skin conditions;





Back problems;


Low Self Esteem;

Poor Self Confidence;

and many more;

When can you have a Soul Healing Treatment?

Soul Healing does not have to be a stand alone treatment. The great thing is that it can also be used:

When you are not ill but want a relaxing treatment;

When you just want a pick me up or to boost your energy levels;

When you are on medication;

When you have cancer or chemotherapy;

When you are going for surgery (before, during and after)

When you are in hospital;

When you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant; or

with other complimentary therapies.

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I find that invoking angels and the guides that are relevant to the healers and personal spiritual paths does accelerate healing and recovery.

My primary efforts are directed to helping others discover, acquire and activate their own abilities to heal themselves.

Healing Packages

Single Soul Healing

$175 Aus Dollars

1 x 90minute soul healing 

6 month Package

6x 90min Healing packages


(saving $162)

Please Head to the booking section of the website where you can find a time and date that best suits you.