What is a Psychic Medium Reading?

For the people who have never had a reading before, it can sometimes make you nervous about how the whole process works. So, I thought I would add this section to help you have an understanding of what will happen.

I only work for your highest and greatest good. I have the most honorable intentions when I read for you. I will not give you bad information unless it is for your soul to grow and to become a better person.

All Readings are online and recorded and I encourage taking notes.

When I first open up I usually start with the Mediumship (connecting to a soul that has passed over). I usually get your guardians, the person who is assigned to you from birth. My guardian is my great grandfather who passed away 20 years before I was born. He was a horse whisper in New Zealand, such a kind soul. Your guardian will then bring through whoever wants to give you a message or sometimes I have to call them forward as sometimes they are embarrassed in their passing (suicide, drugs etc). They can feel they have disappointed people, so they may need a good loving nudge so I usually just need a name. I don't need tools, I don't need jewellery or anything of theirs I can connect in without them.

Then depending on how many people come through and the aim of your session, we then move onto the psychic aspect of the reading. The psychic side of things is past present future. Really good for people looking for their calling, at a crossroads or wanting information about a relationship, business adventure or health (I have seen cancer in clients before, if there is anything that comes up I will refer you to the correct healing as well as modern medicine as I believe healing and medicine can work wonders as a team)

The investment of a one off

reading is

$160 Aus Dollars

if you have any more questions please feel free to send me a email [email protected] so i can answer any enquires you have about the readings. If you wish to book, head to the book here button just above.

looking forward to being of service xo